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gayporntubePaul Cannon’s body and looks have changed him into a great looking man since he first starting working on hardcore movies for gaypornstarstube.xxx in ‘Bear Weekend Part 2’ with Gus Turner and Roman Todd back in April 2015. His muscles have filled out and he has lost the pony tail. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut dick, has short brown hair, mischievous brown eyes and is a five foot ten inch hunk with a few tattoos. Paul has now starred in 16 movies for this gay porn site and has a big following on Twitter.

Jerking on the job – a gay sex story

It wasn’t all that long ago that we saw Jay Roberts perform. In fact, he was just in a movie from The Gay Office called In The Dog House. This latest film is called Jerking On The Job, and is another great one from Men Of UK. Both The Gay Office and Men Of UK are part of a wonderful collection of porn sites in the Gay Male network. Whenever you sign up at one site you automatically get access to every one of the sites on the gay sex network. When you can get quality hard core gay porn movies like Jerking On The Job, you always walk away happy.

Jerking On The Job stars our heartthrob, Jay: he is a six foot tall, eight-inch – uncut, hunk of a man. Paddy oBrian plays his boss in this film. Paddy is a tattooed and pierced hunk who also happens to have an eight-inch uncut cock.

The scene opens with Paddy sitting at his desk, dressed nicely in a white shirt and black tie. He is in the process of emailing Jay – who is right across the room and Paddy could just speak to him, but doesn’t. Jay is busy browsing through Men.com, and doesn’t even see the email the boss just sent. Happily watching gay porn videos, Jay is oblivious to everything but the screen in front of him, and the cock he is frantically jerking. Paddy gets up to find out why he is not getting an answer and catches Jay as he continues to jerk off on the job.

Paddy only stays angry for a minute, and then he suggests a few dirty things that they could do in the office. Jay quickly agrees and soon they are stripping down and kissing. Jay is quick to take Paddy’s hard shaft into his mouth, enjoying the feast. Paddy has both of his nipples pierced and Jay enjoys spending a lot of time enjoying this new experience. Paddy decides he wants to do some cock sucking, so he gets right down to working on Jay’s hard cock. You can tell Jay just loves the feel of the boss’ mouth sliding up and down his shaft.

What is a horny boss to do? oBrian wastes little time in bending Jay over the desk so that he can screw his brains out. Jay continues to jerk himself off as his boss pumps his tight ass from behind. Then Paddy gets Jay to sit on him, and Jay manages to take in all eight inches. Next Jay is on his back and Paddy is plunging in up to his nuts. Again and again. Then Paddy pulls out and uses his fingers and mouth to enjoy the well abused asshole before bending Jay over the desk again and slamming hard into his ass. Over and over again he pounds Jay’s ass, until finally our two gorgeous hunks shoot their loads and the office finally returns to some semblance of order.

If that was supposed to be a punishment for jerking off on the job, then Jay probably didn’t learn a lessen from the sex play. In fact, Jay will probably continue to jerk off on the job if this is the punishment he can look forward to. check out his real twitter account for news